E-Commerce — The Booming Era !!!


July 14, 2012 by harshalvaidya

E-Commerce — The Booming Era !!!

Hi Fellas,

Its been a sunday evening, cloudy weather outside and I ‘m searching for E-Commerce site on our production server as well as initiated google crawlers, bots to fetch from wider web.

E-Commerce sites — Online purchasing made buying easy online.

I borrowed “Dreams from my Father”– based on Barack Obama’s life and couple of copies of “Chanakya Chants”. I  don’t have exact track of online product ordered/cancelled/order modified/refund issues and so on..

What’s in my Mind !!!

Most of Urban couple prefer to shop on-line in their busy and hectic schedule. Of course, no one is interested to stand in the queue of Malls for checkout. E-Commerce is really being a good solution.

One Stop-Shop


All we need & look for is –  one stop shopping.

But we dint get all the things that we wish to on the same portal and need to open multiple tabs of shopping portals and make the conclusion.

 There are sundry E-Commerce portals available world-wide. But At what exactly customer looks at ?

Discounts, Offers, Rewards, CashBack etc…. ??    Nope. I don’t think so..

Basically, there is NO major difference in the prices…

The major focus should be on the designing of the website that will attract the customer. The look and feel of the site should be in a such way that visitor will start searching for products.

One thought on “E-Commerce — The Booming Era !!!

  1. chetan says:

    best totallllly best

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