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August 4, 2012 by harshalvaidya

What exactly is the OnApp ?

Basically, OnApp can be called as a technology or a platform or framework for managing a cloud. It allows you to deploy and manage cloud services for clients. Its nothing but a “control panel for cloud“.

OnApp is an application that allows you to create a clould on your own hardware in your
colocation space.

for eg.. we do implement various technologies for creating containers on a main server node.  the technologies we are familiar with are :-

OnApp is a very powerful platform for setting private or publich clouds in short span. It is very convenient to use existing integrations to cusotmers / billing portals like WHMCS, Ubersmith.
OnApp is a automated system that helps to provide the “bill per usage for cloud resources”.  you can set limits for resources and specify prices for the same.

System Requirement

In order to have OnApp platform, it comes with some specified system requirement :-

Technology Supported

Currently, OnApp cloud supports Xen and KVM virtual technologies only. But the technical team is being engaged in introducing Hyper-V and VMWare shortly…

OnApp Templates

OnApp Templates are entirely pre-configured with Operating systems images that are been used to build virtual machines. Template ensures reduction of installation time. we can also create our own custom templates and configure the virtual machine as needed.


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